Every heart has a story to tell and so does every handcrafted and homemade product of Nyra Design. Since 2018, my mission has revolved around the conscious creation of distinctive printed design goods and sustainable essentials for everyday adventures. Merging ethical and sustainable production standards with modern design techniques and a timeless aesthetic.

From mother to daughter, from one woman to another – I dedicated this brand to my mother, Nyra, who taught me to sew and craft from an early age on. It forms an integral part of my brand philosophy, aiming to pass on wisdom of craftsmanship and stories to future generations.

I believe in the enduring power of sharing knowledge and preserving traditions for next generations. Nyra Design is a testament for creation, connection and craftsmanship.

My Products

I carefully choose the materials and manufacturers I collaborate with. I only produce in small quantities, preferably on-demand and work with suppliers who respect and maintain specific sustainable and ethical standards. Sourcing materials with a certain ecological certification. 

I personally handcraft every item in my studio in Berlin, carefully considering every detail. My products are designed to produce as little textile waste as possible and I reuse materials whenever I can. 

My Values

I am grateful for the opportunity to create a positive impact with my creations and contributing to a cause that transforms lives. With each purchase, I donate a percentage of my revenue to support the organization Cambodian Children's Trust (CCT). CCT empowers vulnerable families and prevents children from ending up in orphanages.

My brand is about connecting with craftsmanship and the satisfaction of knowing that each creation is born from the purest of intentions. Proudly running my brand as a
 "one woman business" producing every product myself. 


About me

Having a background in fine arts and design, I am particularly drawn to projects that require a high degree of craft, sensemaking and design thinking. During my M.A. design studies I specialized in craft techniques, print design and sustainability. 

Feel free to follow me on @vichy_ly